Month: January 2016

Myth Buster: Olive Oil is One of the Safest Oils for Frying and Cooking

by John P. Thomas Health Impact News One of the most common myths perpetrated on the Internet is that while olive oil is healthy, it should not be used for cooking or frying. The belief is that somehow the high

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Tomato Bruschetta

From Carol Firenze’s book, (The Passionate Olive- 101 Things to do with Olive Oil, page 178) What you Need: 1 lb ripe tomatoes 2 cloves of fresh garlic, finely chopped 1 handful of fresh basil, finely chopped 1 tablespoon oregano

Don’t fall victim to olive oil fraud

60 Minutes producer Guy Campanile offers shoppers some tips on finding true Italian extra-virgin olive oil amid a sea of fakes Visit any American supermarket and you’ll likely find rows of golden-hued olive oils, many with picturesque labels declaring them

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Although this study doesn’t come up with something new, it does confirm the fact that EVOO is good for you. Dr Panagotacos covered the same topic in lectures given at UC Davis in 2008 and 2009 on the Health Benefits

Country Roasted Squash and Beans

as seen on The Chew ingredients  COUNTRY ROASTED SQUASH AND BEANS 1 medium butternut squash (cut into 1/2 moons, 1/2-inch thick) 1 large shallot (peeled and quartered) 1 teaspoon  red chili flakes 2 tablespoons  olive oil 2 cans butter beans (drained, rinsed and

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