Month: February 2016

Raw Food Cleanse for March

The Global Chef: Raw food to cleanse your March BY NANCY KRCEK ALLEN Local columnist Read Nancy’s article, at, to learn how eating raw can cleanse your system. Very low acidity, Lykovouno Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is loaded

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Almond Olive Oil Cake for Valentine’s Day

I found this fantastic Valentine Recipe and  sweet love story from mythology posted by: Gina Depalma on Consider the story of Phyllis and Demophoon, from Heroides, the collection of love poems by the Roman poet Ovid. Phyllis was the Queen of

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How to Put Together a Fabulous Charcuterie Board

BY AMBER HARLAL ON DECEMBER 16, 2015 Use a Selection of Cured and Dried Meats A great board will include a selection of different dried and cured meats like salami, prosciutto, porchetta, sausage and chorizo. A typical board will usually have

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Striking Oil – WholeFoods Magazine

Written By: WholeFoods Magazine Staff Published in WholeFoods Magazine, July 2014 As a staple of the lauded Mediterranean diet, olive oil has been praised for its healthful qualities and flavor in countries such as Italy and Greece for quite a